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A vast array of wool tallis, modern talit prayer shawl, tallis katan, tzitzis, techeles, tefillin, bar mitzvah tallis sets and chuppah options for customers in Israel, Europe, the U.S., Australia and elsewhere.

Your Tallis & Tzitzis Experts in Israel

Wool & Cotton Tzitzis

Wide range of tzitzis options

Being a family-owned business enables us to keep our costs down. We make a special effort to provide you a quality talit from Israel at a great price. We are located in the Modi’in area, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and every talit we sell is made in Israel.

We offer a broad selection, from the traditional wool tallis with various tzitzis options, to modern and handmade tallis sets in silk and cotton. If you’re looking for either a bar mitzvah or a wedding tallis, you’re sure to find the right look for the chosson or bar mitzvah boy.

Tallis sizes: Get it right

One of the most challenging aspects of buying a talit is choosing the right size. Not only is sizing difficult online in general, but since most people buy a tallis only a few times during the course of their lifetime, they are unfamiliar with tallit sizes. That’s why we put together our Tallis Size Wizard and include size information for every tallis katan alongside the product description.

Shipping from Israel – Low international shipping rates

Israel provides unusually low international shipping rates, and we pass on the savings to our customers in London, New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Melbourne and all stops in between. Small items ship for as little as $7.50 and tallit shipping fees are just $9.50 for most locations.

Tzitzis: The raison d’être of the tallis

Whether you opt for a white-, blue- or black-striped tallis, a Sephardic talit, Yemenite tallith, or Chassidic tallis, the raison d’être of the tallit is the tzitzis.

Modern talleisim typically come with machine-spun tzitzis, which measure 40 cm long. If you buy a traditional wool tallis, we recommend you spend a few more dollars on hand-spun tzitzis, which are slightly longer and are strengthened at the tips to prevent fraying.

Tzitzis tying customs

All the talleisim we sell are available with various types of tzitzis, including hand-spun tzitzis, niputz lishmah and Ptil Tekhelet tzitzis at unbeatable prices. We can tie according to various tzitzis tying customs including Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chabad, Yemenite (Rambam), Breslov, the Vilna Gaon and Sefer Hachinuch.

And if you’d like techeles tzitzis on your talit, we’re more than willing to accommodate your request with either Ptil Tekhelet or Radzyn Techeles at unbeatable prices.

Traditional Wool Talleisim

Classic Wool Talleisim>>
Turkish and Kmo>>
Yemenite Tallith>>
Sephardic Talit>>
White on White>>

Modern Talleisim

Modern Tallis>>
Blue Stripes>>
Handmade and Handwoven>>

Wedding & Bar Mitzvah Talleisim

Chassan Tallis>>
Bar Mitzvah Tallis>>

Tzitzis & Techeles

Tallis Katan>>
Techeles Tzitzis>>

Watch our one-minute tzitzis and techeles video:

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