Classic Wool Tallit


A collection of quality wool tallit options including the Tashbetz Tallit, Gvanim Tallit, Prima Tallit and more at unbeatable prices. Wide range of tzitzit options available.

Tashbetz Lightweight Wool TallitTallit Gadol - Tashbetz - Black, Gray

A lightweight wool tallit with a textured, raised-grid weave that gives it an elegant “checkerboard” look. This unique weave makes the Tashbetz Tallit very soft to the touch and helps it stay in place on your shoulders.

Tashbetz Tallit – More Information>>>

Gvanim Wool TallitGvanim Tallit

This wool tallit features a traditional look with a dash of modern flair. Fabulous striping on both the talit and the atara (neckband). Comfortable, light-weight fabric. The Gvanim Tallit is available with gray or sky blue stripes.

Gvanim Wool Tallit – More information>>>

Prima A.A. Tallit

Prima Wool Tallit Gadol - Black, White or Blue Stripes100% wool tallit gadol with a quality weave.
White with seven different striping options.
The Prima A.A. Tallit comes with kosher hand-tied tzitzit.

Prima A.A. Wool Tallit – More information>>>

Chatanim Tallit

Wool Talit - ChatanimTop-of-the-line wool tallit. Luxurious fabric specially designed to retain whiteness and treated to resist stains. Features wool corners and hand-spun tzitzit. Ideal choice for a chassan or bar mitzvah boy!

Chatanim Tallit – More information>>>

Kalil Lightweight Wool Tallit

Lightweight Tallis GodolFabulous, lightweight 100% wool tallit gadol. Special fabric is 30% lighter than the standard wool tallit, doesn’t slip off your shoulders, retains whiteness and resists stains. Features wool corners and hand-spun tzitzits. A great tallit for warmer climates.

Kalil Lightweight Wool Tallit – More info>>>

Hamefoar Tallit

Pe'er Non-Slip Tallit

A luxurious, non-slip tallit with a superb weave.
A top-of-the-line tallit made in Israel by Mishkan Hatchelet.

Hamefoar Non-Slip Wool Tallit – More Info>>>


We also offer a range of specialized traditional wool tallitot:

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