Chabad Tallit


Chabad tallit with all of the features prescribed by Chabad minhagim: second tzitzit hole (as stated in Shulchan Aruch Harav), genuine silk corners, cotton or silk lining. 100% wool. Made in Israel. Our Chabad tallit comes with thick hand-spun tzitzit tied according to the Lubavitch custom* and is now available in a new non-slip version.

Chabad Tallit

Chabad Tallis - Double Tzitzis HolesChabad Tallit Sizes:

Size 60 (140 x 190 cm, 55 x 75 inches)
Size 70 (150 x 200 cm, 60 x 80 inches)
Size 80 (170 x 210 cm, 68 x 84 inches)
Size 90 (180 x 210 cm, 72 x 84 inches)
Rashab (170 x 250 cm, 68 x 98 inches)

* Other tying customs and tzitzit or techelet options on Chabad tallit available upon request.

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Most of the other talleisim we sell are also available
with two holes and Chabad tzitzis upon request.

Lubavitch often does things their own way, and the Chabad tallit is no exception. The elaborate striping pattern sets the Chabad tallit in a league of its own, and it is one of the only tallits that does not come with an atara (neckband), unless you have one added. Also the Chabad tzitzit tying custom employs a creative innovation of putting the shamash string through the second hole, thereby acting as an anchor to keep the tzitzit in place.

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