Handmade Tallit Sets


Our handmade tallit sets by Gabrieli and Weaving Creation are created on a hand loom from start to finish.

Handmade Tallit Sets by GabrieliGabrieli Tallit – Wool, Silk & Cotton

World famous Gabrieli handmade tallit sets have been made in Israel on hand looms for over four decades. A fabulous value in a hand-woven tallit. Available in a range of fabrics, styles and color options.  $195-$305

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Galilee Silks Handmade Tallit SetsGalilee Silks Tallit – Wool

Galilee Silks is among Israel’s leading Judaica textile makers. Located in northern Israel, the studio employs two dozen fabric experts led by founder Shlomit Azati. 100% wool with exquisite Damascus silk and synthetic design work. $240-$475

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Handmade Tallit Sets

Weaving Creation Handmade Tallit – Cotton

One-of-a-kind custom tallits lovingly woven by craftsmen Yosef Gabso and Ori Faran on their looms in the Old City of Jerusalem. Breathtaking designs beyond compare. $420-$520

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If you have a very particular handmade tallit and color scheme in mind we can help make it happen.

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