White Tallit


Among traditional Sephardic Jews, the prevalent custom is to wear a white-on-white tallit, but many other Jews also choose a solid white tallit with white stripes for aesthetic reasons, sometimes as a Shabbos tallit, a special tallit for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur or a wedding tallit to be worn at the chuppah.

Solid white tallit - wool

Tashbetz White Tallit

Traditional white-on-white tallit in lightweight wool. Features textured, raised-grid weave that helps keep the tallit in place on your shoulders. This unique weave makes the Tashbetz a traditional tallit that is very soft to the touch and a pleasure to wear.

The name “Tashbetz” is taken from Exodus 28:4, which refers to “a tunic of chequer work.” Tashbetz is also the name of a famous responsa by Rabbi Shimon ben Tzemach Duran of 14th century Spain.

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Pe’er Tallit – White Stripes

Wool tallis - white on whiteThe Pe’er is a luxurious, high quality white tallit manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet. Features a non-slip weave to help the tallit stay in place on your shoulders.

A very high quality tallit at an unbeatable price. In Hebrew this tallit is called Pe’er, or “splendor.”

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Wool Classic Tallit in White-on-White

Solid white tallit - handmadeA gorgeous white-on-white tallit with fabulous texture and satin trim. Handcrafted at Galilee Silks. A quality tallit with exquisite finishing work. Ideal for a chassan or anyone who wants a tallit that lends a classic, regal look.

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White tallis with gold trimGabrieli Solid White Tallit

A stately, classic prayer shawl made in Israel at the
Gabrieli weaving studio. Ivory tallit embellished with
delicate gold and silver stripes.

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