Since the tzitzit are the essence – the raison d’être – of any tallit or tallit katan, we have vast know-how and expertise in tzitzit and tzitzit tying. Whether you would like to buy tzitzit strings separately or buy tzitzit on a ready-to-wear tallit katan garment, we offer a large range of options.

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DIY tzitzis

Today, many people opt to tie tzitzis on their tallit themselves. According to halacha, fulfilling a mitzvah yourself is always preferable over having someone do it for you. Although in some cases – bris mila, shechita, writing a mezuza or making tefillin, to name a few – you should probably leave it to a professional, tying tzitzits does not take long to learn.

Thin or thick?

Tzitzit - Wool or Cotton

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Generally speaking, thin tzitzis are used on a tallit katan for aesthetic reasons, although some people may opt for thick, which are less likely to break. On a tallit gadol, thin tzitzis usually come standard. Traditional black-on-white tallits may be sold without tzitzis and often buyers will choose to thick tzitzit strings, again for aesthetic reasons.

We offer the largest selection of tzitzis available online, from thin machine-spun to thick hand-spun and niputz lishmah.

Hechsherim (Rabbinical Supervision)
Machine-spun – Rabbi A.A. Wosner
Ashkenazi hand-spun – Rabbi A.A. Wosner
Sephardic hand-spun – Badatz Beit Yosef
Loshonot hatzemer – Eida Chareidit of Jerusalem
Niputz Lishmah – Eida Chareidit of Jerusalem

Available by request: Extra-long tzitzis strings

» We also offer a complete line of Murex trunculus techelet tzitzit (Ptil Tekhelet) to purchase separately or to have us tie on a tallit or tallit katan.

Tzitzit Buyers Guide
– explains lashonot hatzemer, niputz lishma, how tzitzis are made and how to buy tzitzit
Do-It-Yourself Tzitzit Tying – step-by-step tying guide

Tzitzit Video

A 30-second glance at a few of our options to buy tzitzit and techelet…

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