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A different kind of tallit store

After several years in the online Judaica business, we decided to try something different. We set out to put together an online tallit store that feels as heimishe as your local Judaica store. A place where you can ask questions, find the right tallit, choose the right tallit size and get just what you were looking for at a great price.

Your heimische tallit storeThrough years of experience in the business, we found that in some cases an automated purchasing system can cause headaches for both the buyer and the seller. So if you need extra help choosing the right tallit size, color, style, atara, tzitzit, etc., you can count on us to get the answers you need. We realize that dropping by a tallit store is probably not something you do very often. So if you need extra help, contact us and you’ll get a quick reply with all the information you need to make the right purchase.

Look what are customers are saying:

I found the tracking link. The tallit should arrive shortly. So far dealing with your tallit store is as easy as dealing with the Jewish bookstore up the street, only better. Thanks for staying on top of everything.
– G. Goldenhorn

I can’t thank you enough for the work you do helping Jews across the world to observe the mitzvah of tzitzit. Your customer service has been excellent and shipping is nothing short of fast. I look forward to doing more business with you.
– M. Boxerman

Ben’s Tallit Shop is located in Israel, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv/Bnei Brak. We do not operate on Shabbos and Jewish holidays, and ask our customers to refrain from using the site during those times.

We work hard to provide a dependable online tallit store that allows you to buy a tallit from Israel with a broad range of color and tzitzit options, and because it is a family-run business, we’re able to keep prices lower than the competition. If you find a tallit at a lower price, tell us and we’ll try to beat it.

So feel free to take a look around our tallit store and ask questions!

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