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Weaving Creation, known as Maaseh Oreg in Hebrew, is a studio that preserves the ancient craft of weaving, practiced by the Jewish nation for thousands of years. The art of weaving, like most hand crafts, requires hard work, patience, precision and inspiration – traits rarely found in today’s fast-paced world.

The craftsmen at Weaving Creation, Yosef Gabso and Ori Farhan, put their heart and soul into each of their handmade tallit creations and feel a calling to preserve the ancient art of hand-loom weaving, with an emphasis on exquisite detail work, texture and vibrant colors.

Yosef Gabso:

Handmade tallits by Weaving Creation

Yosef grew up in a secular home in Bat Yam. During the course of his spiritual journeys he found himself in the Old City of Tzfat, where he stumbled upon the art of weaving and decided to make it the focus of his life.

He integrates in every handwoven tallit the array of colors and styles he absorbed in his hometown and his far-flung journeys. Yosef’s work exhibits a distinctly Israeli character, creative aptitude and a blend of hues lend spice to the tallits he weaves.

Ori Faran:


Handwoven tallits by Weaving Creation

Ori grew up in the very secular environment of Kibbutz Givat Chaim. The art of weaving was an integral part of his return to mitzvah observance, enabling him to return to his roots and and tap into his inner voice.

Tranquility and a rootedness in nature were fundamental elements in his childhood and today come through in his work at the loom. The tallits he weaves at the Weaving Creation studio in the Old City of Jerusalem combine precision and finesse, drawing on inspiration from the constantly flowing wellspring of the Torah.

Personal Design

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Everyone has his or her own unique tint or color. Weaving Creation can design a custom tallit that reflects your inner world. Pick your own designs, tints and motifs. Choose embroidery with names or verses. Weaving Creation can help weave your dreams.

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All Weaving Creation handmade tallits are available with a matching bag and kippah. A name is embroidered on the bag at no cost, a name or verse can be embroidered on the tallit for an added fee.

Weaving Creation/Maaseh Oreg handwoven tallit sets are available in three sizes:

55 x 190 cm (22 x 75 inches)
120 x 190 cm (47 x 75 inches)
130 x 190 cm (51 x 75 inches)

Each handmade tallit set or custom tallit set requires several weeks to weave. Feel free to ask about current availability.

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