Oct 232012

The blue tallit has been a popular choice for a long time, and that’s not about to change. Even the classic black-striped tallit apparently morphed from blue. I have spoken with other tallit industry professionals who agree that the blue tallit is also a favorite among bar mitzvah boys.

By “blue tallit” I mean both a white tallit with blue striping and a solid blue tallit with bands of other colors. Gabrieli makes a nice blue tallit with black, gray and white stripes and a blue version of their popular Joseph’s Coat Tallit.

Gvanim Tallit Blue


Traditional White & Blue Tallit

In the category of traditional white tallits with blue stripes, Mishkan Hatchelet offers various options, including blue/silver and blue/gold. They also make two attractive models – Gvanim and Bareket – with a nice blend of blue hues, both in the striping and on the atara. For a blue tallit with even more color, there’s also the Bnei Ohr Blue Medley. All of the above are available with matching bags that can be customized with letter embroidery in Hebrew or English.

For those with a generous budget, Weaving Creation has a gorgeous tallit with various shades of blue, known as Masoret, which is handwoven by master weaver Ori Farhan, using rich cotton yarn.

Also not to be overlooked are a few handmade blue tallits by Galilee Silks.

A 30-second video showing a sample of our blue tallit options:

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