Prima A.A. Tallit – 100% Wool


The age-old black-on-white wool tallit worn for generations. The Prima A.A. Tallit is made of high-quality 100% wool and features exceptional finishing work. Traditional tallit in white with six striping options. The “A.A.” in the name of the Prima A.A. Tallit is taken directly from the Hebrew .א.א which stands for אריגה איכותית or “quality weaving,” a reference to the high quality weave of the wool used to make this traditional tallit.

Prima A.A. Tallit

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Prima A.A. Tallit - Black StripesPrima A.A. Tallit with white striping



Black and silver Prima Tallit

Black and Silver – click on image

Black and gold striped Prima Tallit

Black and Gold – click on image

Prima Tallit - Navy with Silver

Navy and Silver – click on image

Navy Tallis with gold pinstripes

Navy and Gold – click on image

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