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Traditional Handwoven Tallit

Israel is home to dozens of handmade tallit makers, but only a small handful weave their tallits on a traditional loom. With sales from New York to Los Angeles, South Africa to South America, London to Jerusalem – and every stop in between – Gabrieli has assumed a place among the world’s top handwoven tallit makers.

Gabrieli Talit Sets

The weavers at Gabrieli Tallit produce an enormous selection of designs, from wool tallits in traditional colors – white with blue or black stripes – to cotton and silk tallits in bold patterns and colors, including teal, purple and multicolor (“Joseph’s Coat”).

The choice of fabrics helps Gabrieli tallit customers select a handmade tallit that feels just right on their shoulders. Some go with wool because of its classic look or because according to halacha it is considered preferable. Others choose the fine detail and feel of cotton or the sheen of silk.

Gabrieli Tallit Sets

Handweaving lends Gabrieli tallit fabrics a unique texture

Gabrieli tallit sets are available in various sizes, ranging from 20 x 80 inches to 60 x 80 inches. The 20″ x 80″ size is narrow and is meant to hang down in front, while the 50″ x 80″ or 60″ x 80″ size is designed to be worn down the back, in accordance with the age-old tradition.

Gabrieli Tallit – Blue

Because of the large range of designs, fabrics and sizes, even if you drop by the company’s galleries in Old Jaffa and downtown Jerusalem you won’t find every Gabrieli tallit available in stock.

So if you have a fixed target date in mind (e.g. a bar mitzvah or a wedding) be sure to place your order at least a few weeks in advance. After all, weaving by hand takes time – even if you’ve been doing it, like the Gabrielis at Gabrieli Tallit and Hand Weaving, for over four decades.

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A 30-second video showcasing the “Joseph’s Coat” Gabrieli Tallit

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