Tefillin Gassot

Tefillin Gassot

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Tefillin Gassot (“thick phylacteries”) are made out of a single piece of thick leather shaped by repeatedly applying several tons of pressure in industrial presses as part of a complicated but delicate and exacting production process. The resulting battim (“houses”) of tefillin gassot are so thick and durable that they can be reshaped even if damaged.

Parshiyot (parchments)

  • Beautifully written parchments by highly skilled soferim
  • Parchments checked twice for accuracy (a computer scan + traditional check)

Battim (boxes)

  • Crafted to exacting specifications (each side approx. 34 mm)
  • Thick, durable cowhide (behema gassa) to retain shape and last a lifetime

Other Features

  • Handcrafted leshem kedushat tefillin in all stages of production
  • Straps made from top-quality leather (elyon)
  • Kosher certificate
  • Free velvet bag

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The parchment writing process is supervised by Rabbi Eliron Chakshur and the battim are constructed by expert craftsmen. These tefillin are a long-term investment for those who cherish the mitzvah.

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