Feb 162012

For many shul-goers, tallit clips are a must. Some wear them primarily to keep the tallit in place, while others wear them more as an accessory that adds to the look of a nice tallit and lends a touch of distinction to the wearer.

Tallit Clips: From Simple to Gold and Silver

Choshen Stone Tallit Clips

Sterling Silver Tallit Clips

Generally tallit clips are relatively inexpensive, around $10 a set, but I have also seen spectacular sterling silver tallit clips and 14 karat gold tallit clips that run anywhere from $200 to $1,200. I think they would make a great gift idea for a gabbai who has served the congregation for many years, or for a very distinguished groom.

The most common designs include Jerusalem motifs, the Ten Commandments (Luchos Habris) and the Star of David. If you go for vibrant colors, try a set of Choshen tallit clips.

They make an ideal gift for a bar mitzvah boy, as well.

At present, I don’t sell tallit clips, but you can find a decent selection at aJudaica or World of Judaica.

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