May 062014

The traditional wool blue-striped tallit is a perennial favorite. Blue seems to be a popular color for tallit striping among bar mitzvah boys and adult men alike. And blue stripes are apropo in just about any congregation, from very traditional to very modern.

Blue and Silver TallitIf you intend to stick close to the traditional wool tallit and want to go with blue striping, you can choose between blue, blue with silver and blue with gold. Note that the Mishkan Hatchelet tallits have an all white atara (neckband) on the blue-striped version, while the blue-silver and blue-gold use an atara with the Tzitzit Blessing. I recommend you insist on a wool tallit, but if you are on a budget and need a very inexpensive tallit, you can buy an acrylan tallit with blue stripes.

I would have divided this post into traditional and modern styles, but the problem is that when it comes to blue-striped tallits, there’s a fine line between modern and traditional. If you take a look at the tallits on this page, you’ll see what I mean. If you know you want a modern style, take a look at our Modern Tallit page and our handwoven tallit selection.

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