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Ben’s Tallit Shop is a full-service webstore. If you have a very particular custom tallit and color scheme in mind, we can help make it happen.

Custom Tallit Options

Master weaver Ori Farhan at the loom

Create a handmade tallit

We work with various tallit makers, including Shlomit Azati, founder of Galilee Silks and a fabric artist for over 15 years, and Ori Farhan, a weaving master who is among Israel’s most highly skilled tallit makers. The result is a unique handcrafted or hand-loomed tallit that creates an individualized prayer space – your own “dalet amos.”

You choose the size, base color, striping and atara. We can have a verse embroidered on the atara or a name on the corners or bag.

…or upgrade a traditional wool tallit with various options

For those looking for a classic wool tallit, we are set up to accommodate a wide variety of special requests: letter embroidery in Hebrew or English, a unique atara, a silk or cotton lining and tallit sidebands. We can tie hand-spun, niputz lishmah or techelet tzitzit according to almost any tying custom: Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Yemenite, Breslov, HaGra, Sefer Hachinuch and more.

Whether you’re planning a bar mitzvah or wedding, or simply want a personalized tallit to wear to shul, our custom tallit options allow you to take part in creating the perfect tallit, and you’ll feel like you’re carrying a bit of Israel on your shoulders.


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