Feb 032013

Rambam Tzitzit - TecheletWhen I first decided to learn how to tie Yemenite tzitzit, it wasn’t easy. The online videos I watched were very hard to follow, so I went to a local Yemenite Jew and he taught me very patiently, but I didn’t really get the hang of it. Then I went to an Ashkenazi yeshiva bachur who wore Ptil Tekhelet which he tied according to the Rambam. He kept telling me that if I understood the logic behind the form of the knot, it would be easier, but I actually found the opposite to be true. And my knots still came out wrong. Finally I went to another local Yemenite. He taught me just as his father had taught him when he was a kid. The technique was easier for me to grasp and the knots started to come out right.

Rambam Tzitzit - WhiteIn recent months the number of orders we receive for Rambam tzitzit tying has gone up, so I tried outsourcing some of the work, but they kept tying the knots really close, which I feel is less aesthetic. It also leaves you with a very short tied section and a very long loose section.

Although tying according to the Rambam tzitzit tying method seems complicated, once you get it down pat I find it to be less time-consuming than Sephardic tzitzit tying, and certainly Chabad tzitzit tying. Of course if you are tying with techelet strings, things get more complicated.

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