Why buy tallit, tefillin, shofar, etc. from Israel?


To buy tallit, tefillin, mezuzah, shofar or other Judaica, why should I purchase online from Israel, when I can easily purchase Judaica at my local synagogue gift shop or Judaica store? Well, here are a few good reasons to buy a tallit, tefillin, mezuzah, shofar, etc. from Israel:

  • If you want to buy tallit, tefillin, mezuzah, shofar, or other Judaica items, chances are your local Judaica store does not have real expertise and know-how. Even if they claim to, the reliability of that claim may be questionable.
  • You get great value when you buy tallit, tefillin and other Judaica items from Israel because the main cost in producing kosher tallits, mezuzahs, tefillin and shofars is labor, and Israeli labor is less expensive than what you may find locally.
  • Many of the scribes in the Land of Israel live in surroundings imbued with piety and holiness. After all, the whole point of putting a mezuzah on your doorpost is to sanctify your home and you lay tefillin to sanctify your mind and heart, so it doesn’t pay to take chances with the sofer who wrote the parchments.
  • Israel’s international shipping rates are very low.
  • Your tefillin or tallit purchase helps support the Israeli economy and Torah scholars.

The following is a list of places to buy tallit, tefillin, mezuzah, Sefer Torah and shofar products from dealers based in Israel that we recommend based on first-hand knowledge.

HaSOFER.com – Located in downtown Jerusalem and owned by Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum

  • Glass mezuzahs
  • Wood mezuzahs
  • Acrylic mezuzahs
  • Children’s mezuzah
  • Michael Kupietsky mezuzahs
  • Weatherproof mezuzah cases

Ben’s Tallit Shop (that’s us!) – located in the Modi’in area

  • Traditional wool tallit by Mishkan Hatchelet
  • Handwoven tallit selection by Gabrieli, Galilee Silks and Weaving Creation
  • Wedding tallit and bar mitzvah tallit
  • Tallit katan, tzitzit, techelet at unbeatable prices

ZaraMart – located in Rishon Letzion and owned by Yermi Haker and Albert Zara (Turkish Jews who speak French, German, Turkish, English, Hebrew and Ladino!) . Israel’s largest kippah supplier.

  • Satin kippot
  • Brocade kippot
  • Velvet kippot
  • Hand-crocheted kippot
  • Leather kippot
  • Eco-suede kippot
  • Custom kippot

World of Judaica – located in Tel Aviv. General Judaica items.

  • Jewish gift ideas
  • Havdalah sets
  • Jewish jewelry
  • Candlesticks
  • Kiddush cups

Oter Israel – located near Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood.  (I bought my tefillin there just before I got married 13 years ago, and have gotten great results!) Their website is being renovated and may not yet be up to par.

  • Tefillin made on the premises.

Pe’er HaStam – Located in Bnei Brak. Reliable, affordable tefillin available for purchase online at Ben’s Tallit Shop. Buy tefillin peshutim and tefillin gassot.

  • Ashkenazi tefillin
  • Sephardic tefillin
  • Chabad tefillin
  • Yemenite tefillin

Kol Shofar (www.kolshofar.co.il) – located in the Golan Heights and run by shofar craftsman Shimon Kinan. Lovely website, but it doesn’t enable buying shofars online.

  • Custom and high-end shofars

Kudu Shofar – Affordable, quality shofars. Specializes in jumbo ram’s horn shofar, Yemenite shofars and gemsbok shofar.

Makor HaStam (no website) – located in Bnei Brak. Owners Yissachar Steinharter and Yechiel Yisraelovich have over two decades of experience overseeing the production of top quality sifrei Torah. Ashkenazi Sefer Torah and Sephardic Sefer Torah in various sizes and levels of quality available.

  • Sefer Torah
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