Wholesale Tallit and Tzitzit

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Judaica dealers are welcome to contact us for price quotes on bulk purchases
of tallits, tallit katan, tzitzit and techelet.

Complete line of Mishkan Techelet tallits in a wide range of styles and colors:

» Inexpensive synthetic tallits (Acrylan, Shoham)
» Modern tallits (Chai, Shalom, Jerusalem)
» Traditional tallits (Classic, Tashbetz, Chabad)

Tallit Katan:

» Wool (one-hole or Chassidic)
» Cotton
» T-shirt (with patented side-connector)

Tzitzit strings with top kashrus supervision:

» Machine-spun
» Hand-spun
» Lashonot hatzemer and niputz lishmah

Techelet tzitzit:

» Ptil Tekhelet (Rambam, Raavad, Tosafot)
» Radzyn

Email: benstallitshop@gmail.com
Phone: From outside of Israel dial +972-8-936-7975
From inside Israel dial 08-936-7975

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