Dec 062012

Delicate silver striping can enhance the appearance of a tallit remarkably. One of our most attractive traditional wool tallits is the Maalot Tallit with gold stripes or silver stripes. Gold stripes and silver stripes also look very nice on handwoven tallits, which are also enhanced by textured weaving on the white base of the tallit.

Tashbetz Tallit – White with Silver or Gold

Tashbetz White-Silver Tallit

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The atara (neckband) on this tallit comes with the Tallit Blessing embroidered on it. The Tashbetz Tallit is a high quality 100% wool tallit made by Mishkan Hatchelet of Be’er Sheva. If you order the standard machine-spun thin tzitzit, Mishkan Hatchelet ties them on the tallit, but if you have a special request, such as thick tzitzit, techelet tzitzit, Sephardic tying, etc., we tie the tzitzit in-house. Both the white and silver tallit and the white and gold tallit are available with a matching wool tallit bag for just $12.50.

White Tallit with Gold Stripes by Gabrieli Hand Weaving

Another option is the white and gold tallit by Gabrieli Hand Weaving. For those who prefer silver stripes, we can easily have the same pattern made with silver stripes instead of the gold striping. Created at their weaving studio in Rechovot, it can be woven of either cotton, wool or silk. The wool is made of a thick yarn that lends the fabric a special texture. The cotton and silk are finer, the main difference being that the silk has more sheen. This tallit comes as a set with a matching bag and an option for a matching kippah.

Tashbetz Tallit with silver stripes>> Mishkan Hatchelet
White and Gold Tallit>> Gabrieli Hand Weaving

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