Where to Buy Shofar, Tallit, Tefillin & Judaica Online


Below you can find places to buy tallit, tefillin, mezuzah, Sefer Torah and shofar horns from dealers in Israel we recommend based on first-hand knowledge.

Mezuzah – For a kosher mezuzah, your best bet is probably HaSOFER.com, which is located in downtown Jerusalem and headed by Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum. They offer a variety of mezuzah cases, including glass mezuzahs, wood mezuzahs, acrylic mezuzahs, children’s mezuzah, designs by Michael Kupietsky and a selection of weatherproof mezuzah cases. They even have an in-house line of mezuzah cases.

Tallit – If you want to buy a tallit online, you’ve come to the right place. We are one of the leading tallit sellers online. Just click here for our menu of options.

Kippot – Need a large order of yarmulkes for a wedding or another special occasion? ZaraMart is Israel’s largest supplier of kippot, with a selection numbering in the hundreds, including satin, brocade, velvet, hand-crocheted, leather, eco-suede, custom kippot and more, as well as tefillin, prayer shawls and other Judaica products. Located in Rishon Letzion, ZaraMart was founded in 1972 by Yermi Haker and Albert Zara, who immigrated to Israel from Turkey.  Yermi and Albert speak French, German, Turkish, English, Hebrew and Ladino! We also offer a selection of very attractive kippot here.

Judaica – For a general selection of Judaica products (Kiddush cups, candlesticks, menorahs, Havdalah sets, Jewish gift ideas, etc.) World of Judaica has a gorgeous website with a quality selection. They also have a nice selection of Jewish jewelry.

Shofar — For custom and high-end shofars, visit Kol Shofar, which is run by shofar craftsman Shimon Kinan in the Golan Heights. A lovely website, but no option to buy a shofar online.
For a standard shofar at an affordable price, as well as large shofars, exotic gemsbok, eland and ibex shofars, polished and unpolished ram’s horns and kudu shofars take a look at our sister site, Yemenite Shofar, which allows you to see images of every shofar for sale.

Tefillin — For quality tefillin the place to go is Min HaStam in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood. They have been based in Jerusalem for many years, so they have ready access to an endless number of pious sofrim, and the production supervisor, Rabbi Shmuel Rosenfeld can be relied upon implicitly. If you don’t have plans to visit Jerusalem any time soon, click here for more information on how to buy tefillin sets online.

Sefer Torah – Makor HaStam has over two decades of experience overseeing the production of top quality sifrei Torah. If you’d like to commission the writing of a Sefer Torah – whether an Ashkenazi Sefer Torah or a Sephardic Sefer Torah – or are in the market for an already completed scroll, speak with the experts at this Bnei Brak dealer. They have decades of experience and can be trusted implicitly. No website. To contact their English-speaking representative, call +972-8-974-3395.

Sefer Torah accessories for your shul (crowns, mantels, rimonim and yads) are available through HaSOFER.com.

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