Apr 302013

A colleague of mine, Yosef, who lives and works in Jerusalem, has been in the talit business for 20 years. He deals with both Mishkan Hatchelet and Talitnia   Israel’s leading tallit makers so he’s just the right person to ask for an objective comparison.

Malchut Talit with Netted Fringes

Malchut Tallit

Yesterday I spoke to him about two white-on-white wool talits: Tallit Malchut, made by Talitnia (often spelled “Talitania”), and Pe’er Beit Yosef by Mishkan Hatchelet. He said the Tallit Malchut is a nice tallit and well priced, but warned that after a year of daily use the fabric will look worn. Therefore he recommended it as a Shabbat tallit. I would add that it has the advantage of being lightweight, so if having a lightweight, non-slip talit is important to you, Malchut is the way to go.

In comparison Yosef said the Pe’er is more durable and more non-slip, which makes it worth the $10 or $15 price difference. Most telling of all is that he said that is what he wants as his next Shabbat talit: a Pe’er Beit Yosef with Yemenite-style netted fringes. He’s Sephardic, not Yemenite, but he likes the look of the netted fringes.

The Pe’er Beit Yosef is a talit made of the same fabric as Pe’er but instead of satiny stripes the striping is woven from the wool itself. Also the atara is all wool, which is a rarity. If you want a true 100% wool tallit with non-slip fabric and do not insist on lightweight, the Pe’er Beit Yosef is the way to go.

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