Tzitzit Options


Most of our tallits and tallit katans come with machine-spun, hand-tied tzitzits.
(Exceptions: Beit Yosef, Yemenite, Chabad, Turkish, Super Prima, Chatanim,
Weaving Creation and Wool Tallit Katan)

Upon request we would be glad to tie any of the following tzitzit options instead:

Thin Price Thick Price
Handspun - Standard $10 Handspun - Standard $12
Handspun - Lashonot $14 Handspun - Lashonot $18
Handspun - Niputz lishma $20 Handspun - Niputz lishma $24
Radzyn Techelet (cuttlefish) $25 Radzyn Techelet (cuttlefish) $30
Ptil Tekhelet (Murex trunculus) $60 Ptil Tekhelet (Murex trunculus) $70

White tzitzit can be tied according to the Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chabad or Yemenite customs.
Techelet tzitzit can be tied according to the Rambam, Gra, Raavad, Chinuch or Arizal customs.
…or feel free to tie the tzitzit yourself. Be sure to see our article, “Do-It-Yourself Tzitzit Tying.”

Ashkenazi Tzitzit

Standard Tzitzit

Techelet tzitzit

Techelet Tying Options

Rambam Tzitzits

Rambam Tzitzit

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