Classic Wool Tallit


Our main specialty is traditional tallit options: black-striped, blue-striped and white-striped tallits made of 100% wool, including nonslip versions. Not only will you find a wide selection of wool tallits with a full choice of options, but because we are a family-run business operating in Israel where the leading tallit manufacturers are located, we’re able to keep our prices below the competition.

Tallit buying tip: Note that on our webstore the prices shown are for a size 60, which is considered a medium full-size tallit. If you choose a smaller size, the price displayed will decrease. Most online tallit sellers display the price for the smallest size, but the price goes up $30 or $40 by the time you get to the size you need.

When buying a traditional wool tallit in most cases it makes sense to start out by choosing the striping color that’s best for you: black, white or blue.

Some traditional tallits have a slightly more modern look, while others are quite conservative. Most classic wool tallits have a white atara (neckband) with a very subtle diamond and leaf design and no lettering. Others may have the Tzitzit Blessing embroidered on the atara, and some of our blue-striped tallit designs have striping on the atara as well.

Black-Striped Tallit

If you are on a very tight budget, the Acrylan is quite affordable. It looks close to a wool black-striped tallits, but has the Tzitzit Blessing on the atara (neckband) and decorated corner patches. But if possible, move up to the Prima A.A., which is a good quality, 100% wool weave.

For Shabbat use, or if you are buying a tallit for a bar mitzvah or a groom, we recommend the Chatanim, which has a slightly denser weave, wool corner patches and stain-resistance fabric treatment.

A similar option is Hamefoar, which has a luxurious textured weave that resists slipping. The Tashbetz has a box weave that is more effective as a nonslip tallit, and is slightly lighter.

Variations on the above options can be seen under our Chassidic Tallit category.

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White-Striped Tallit

Sephardic Jews often have a custom of wearing a tallit with white stripes, and white-on-white is commonly worn under the chuppah at Jewish weddings.

The Prima A.A. is the time-tested all-wool, white-striped tallit made of high-quality 100% wool with satiny white striping. The Tashbetz has a box weave that prevents slipping. Hamefoar, with its luxurious textured weave, is also considered a nonslip tallit, but is smoother than the Tashbetz.

Malchut and Beit Yosef have subtle, integrated matte striping on the tallit, corners and atara.

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Blue-Striped Tallit

The Prima A.A.  is a high-quality 100% wool tallit with blue striping and a standard white atara, while the blue-gold tallit and blue-silver tallit feature an atara with the Tzitzit Blessing.

The Bareket has a box weave makes this tallit lightweight, breathable and nonslip. A similar option with light blue is the Tashbetz Sky Blue.

The Gvanim and Bnei Ohr Blue Tallit feature an attractive medley of blue striping.

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