Teymani Tallit


The Teymani tallit, to this day, has features that distinguish it from other tallitot.

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Teymani Tallit - Mishkan Hatechelet

Teymani tallith. Click on image for more info.

Netted Fringes or Double-Knotted FringesThe traditional Teymani tallit is typically very elaborate, including a broad atara (neckband) embroidered with silver thread, as are the corners. The striping pattern also is distinct from the typical Sephardic or Ashkenazi tallit custom. And most notable of all, perhaps, are the hallmark double-knotted or netted fringes along the two sides.

Tzitzit on Teymani Tallit

Among Teymani Jews who follow the Baladi tradition, the tzitzit on a Yemenite tallit are tied according to the Rambam, with seven “joints” not separated by any knots. After the cords have been inserted into the hole at the corner of the tallit, a double knot is made. The longest strand is then wound around the other cords three times to form the first joint. A small space is left and the cord is wound around another three times. The process continues until the tzitzit has seven joints with no intermediate knots.

Teymani Tallit – Prices & Sizes>>>


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