Tallit Katan Undershirt

Cotton Tallis Koton T-shirt

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Similar to “NeaTzit” or “TrimTzit,” this popular tzitzit shirt can be worn in place of an undershirt. Made of soft, pre-shrunk, combed cotton with patented side connector band.
10% discount if you buy three or more

» Reinforced corners
» Reinforced tzitzit holes
» Double-stitched V-neck
» Built-in corner pockets to protect the tzitzit strings while laundering

The tzitzit strings are already tied and ready to wear. The tzitzit strings are specially strengthened at the ends to prevent unraveling and have the kashrut certification of Rabbi A.A. Wosner of Bnei Brak.

Boys’ Tallit Katan Undershirt – Size 3 thru Size 12 (for sizing info click here and scroll down)
Adult Tallit Katan Undershirt – Size Small thru Size XX Large (for sizing info click here and scroll down)

Undershirt style tallit katan size and pricing information>>>

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