Tallit Hamefoar


Tallit Hamefoar

Tallis HamefoarA luxurious, top-of-the-line wool tallit made in Israel Tallit Hafoar features a dense, non-slip weave to help the tallit stay in place on your shoulders.

» Soft, textured fabric
» Stiff wool corners so tzitzits hang close to corner

Tallit Hamefoar is an exceptionally comfortable non-slip tallit – a superb quality tallit at an unbeatable price.

Size 60 (140 x 190 cm, 56 x 76 inches)
Size 70 (150 x 200 cm, 60 x 80 inches)
Size 80 (170 x 210 cm, 68 x 83 inches)

Tallit Hamefoar is available with various tzitzit options. Tzitzit can be tied according to the Ashkenazi custom, the Chabad custom, the Sephardic custom or even according to the Rambam.

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