Jul 162014
One of our customers just expressed concern and asked whether we are managing to maintain operations, getting tallit and tzitzit orders out without delay.
Shalom Achi,
We are davening for you everyday! Just wondering if you are able to fulfill orders to America right now with all that is going on.
Kol tuv,  Akiva
All is well. Thank you Akiva, along with other customers who have expressed their concern. The truth is we haven’t experienced any problems or slowdowns. Our main tallit supplier is located in Beersheba, so they might have some production work slowdowns, but that won’t be felt for at least a few weeks.
We have only experienced one five-minute delay when a rocket got shot down out of the sky over Jerusalem. I was at one of my suppliers and when the siren sounded we all ran into a back room When we heard two booms, someone there said it didn’t sound like a rocket landing. He rushed outside on time to see the trailer smoke from the Iron Dome missile still hovering in the air, and everyone outside gazing up in wonder.
Praying for Israel

Outside the Gaza Strip

If all Am Yisrael keeps their eyes upward toward Avinu Sh’B’Shamayim (and not just Iron Dome), I’m sure all will be well and good. But it’s not an easy war to win. Hamas is trying all the tricks up their sleeve to lure the IDF into a ground confrontation inside Gaza, which would not be pretty.

And of course it’s very hard to win the war on the PR front. I think the IDF should cyberbomb the UN so that can’t hold meetings and put out their lovely briefs. I was a bit encouraged, however, by a Washington Post editorial that really hit the nail on the head with moral clarity. But that may be an exception. You don’t see a straightforward account of events in the New York Times, The Guardian, Haaretz and a whole lot of other leading publications.

This is a big test for all of humanity and sometimes I worry that the whole globe could be in for a disaster. We learn in Parshas Noach that humanity was warned time and again over the course of a century that they need to shape up. And if you take a look at the Israel-Palestinian conflict over the course of the past half-century, it’s seems as if public opinion keeps getting tested, and largely fails the test, and each time the situation gets clearer and clearer from a moral perspective. Like when you ask a kid a question and he doesn’t know the answer, so you keep rephrasing your question, easier and easier each time, until he spits out a correct answer.

Over time the Palestinians just keep get more and more evil and more overt about their intentions.

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