Nov 292012

One of the most popular products we sell is the NeaTzit, which is designed to make wearing tzitzit as comfortable as can be. In summer many people opt to wear NeaTzit in place of an undershirt to eliminate one layer of clothing. And there are also those who wear it all year round because of the contour fit, which is especially important to those who lead an active lifestyle and want a tallit katan that stays neatly in place.

NeaTzit in CottonWe strive to keep our  NeaTzit priced lower than the competition, and offer a bulk discount for orders of three or more. Our main NeaTzit product is a V-neck made by Mishkan Hatchelet. Made of pre-shrunk, combed cotton, it features reinforced stitching at the neckline, corners and tzitzit holes, a patented side connector band and pockets in the corners where the tzitzit can be tucked in during washing.

We recently introduced a wool NeaTzit, which offers the same contour fit and patented design, using a lightweight, soft, stretch wool fabric.

Sizing a tallit katan can be complicated, but NeaTzit sizing is simpler. It comes in Small (Size 20), Medium (Size 22), Large (Size 24), XX Large (Size 26) and XX Large (Size 28). We also offer NeaTzit for boys in five different sizes. To spare our customers from data overload, we list separate sizing tables on each tallit katan product page.

NeaTzit – Choosing the Tzitzit

NeaTzit in Wool

New wool NeaTzit. Click on image for details.

Typically the tzitzit on a tallit katan – whether NeaTzit or the traditional design – are thin. Some people opt for thick tzitzit, either for aesthetic reasons or because they want extra insurance against broken strings. We also offer a third option: medium thickness tzitzit, which are a closer to thin than to thick. In fact, at a glance you can hardly tell the difference, but the medium thickness strings are a bit easier to tie and a bit stronger.

We offer both Ashkenazi and Sephardic tying, and can also do Yemenite, Ben Ish Chai or Yemenite by special request.

Of course another option is NeaTzit with techelet tzitzit, which we can tie according to a range of customs: Arizal, Yemenite/Rambam, Vilna Gaon, Sefer HaChinuch or Raavad.

For more information on the various tzitzit option, both all-white and techelet, refer to our Tzitzit Wizard.

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