The Jewish people are cherished, for the Holy One has surrounded them
with mitzvahs – tefillin on their heads and tefillin on their arms and
tzitzit on their clothes and a mezuzah on their doorways and gates.
– Menachos 43b

Decades of mezuzah experience

Every mezuzah scroll we sell is written by trained, experienced, G-d-fearing sofrim (scribes) under the supervision of Rabbi Yossi Belz, who has been selling mezuzah scrolls, Torah scrolls and tefillin for over two decades.

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Each mezuzah scroll is scanned by a special computer program to ensure there are no extra or missing letters, checked by a certified magiha (a mezuzah, tefillin and sefer Torah examiner) and certified kosher. Vast experience working with a large pool of sofrim ensures the end customer gets the best quality mezuzah for the money, at whatever level of hiddur he or she chooses – kosher, kosher lechatchilah or mehudar.

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Mezuzah scroll prices

If you’re buying a sculpture for your living room, it probably does not matter much what the sculptor was thinking while plying his trade, but when a mezuzah scroll (or tefillin) is written, it makes a world of difference. And that difference is worth paying a bit more money for since the mezuzah scroll is meant to bring sanctity into your home.

Hiddur (adjective form: mehudar) means beauty. The Torah enjoins us to enhance our mitzvah observance by seeing to their aesthetic beauty (“zeh Keli ve’anveihu“) in addition to our inner intention and devotion. And since the essence of the mitzvah of mezuzah is the mezuzah scroll, although an attractive mezuzah case adds beauty, a well-written scroll is more significant.

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