Ben’s Tallit Shop presents a selection of websites you may find of interest.

Yemenite Shofar – A blog on Yemenite shofars, including original articles and price surveys.

Israelcraft – An artist, a family, a tradition. Artist Marilyn Jackler has been working in textiles since 1990. Features unique series of 54 silk tallits depicting motifs from each Parshah.

Synagogues – Find Local Synagogues, Read Reviews & Discuss Synagogues

Judaism 101 – Judaica encyclopedia online Jewish articles

MyZmanim – Instantly find halachic times for almost any location worldwide

Israel Post Track & Trace – Tracking service for Israel Post. Not very advanced. Note that tracking information for standard registered airmail is only provided until the parcel leaves Israel.

EBirkon – Birkat HaMazon online. Ideal for distraction-free bentching at work. Various nusach options.

Pat Dishinger Photography Gallery – Amazing photos by a highly experienced photographer trained in commercial photographer. Pat Dishinger relocated from Los Angeles to Israel.

HolyClock – A free software solution to make websites inaccessible on Shabbat and Yom Tov, based on the user’s location. We have HolyClock installed on our webstore.

Sefaria – Fundamental Torah texts available free online. Very user friendly with some handy features to facilitate learning.

TorahAnytime – Enormous selection of audio shiurim

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