May 082011

Wearing a kippah in public where I live is almost unheard of. There are a handful of religious Jews here, mainly rabbis’ families, but our area is largely insulated from any Jewish communities—the closest being a five-hour drive across the state.

Mindy Rubenstein and her husband grew up in the same town in Florida, but were completely secular until they got married and started raising a family.

That started us on an ongoing Jewish journey, a lifetime of learning,and a bit of a shock for our friends and family who wondered when we’d get over this “Jewish thing.”


Our religiousness is now most evident by looking at my five-year-old son, who almost always wears his kippah, and sometimes his tzitzit. There’s still some uneasiness for me as a mother, letting him out into the world with such an open expression of our Jewish identity.

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  • Philip Steiner

    Can you make a tallit out of any material?