Judaica Coupons – Tallit, Tzitzit and More


We offer a number of coupons on tallit, tzitzit, tefillin, mezuzah and Jewish wedding needs to help you save money. Bar mitzvah and wedding expenses can place a strain on any budget, and we would like to make buying essential Judaica items as affordable as possible.

If you’d like information on tallit coupons and coupons for other Jewish and Judaica items, visit any of our various coupon pages:

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Tallit Sale Items/Overstock>>>

Only one coupon can be used per purchase. Even without these special discounts we work hard to keep our prices as low as possible. We regularly check our competitors’ prices and make sure our prices are the best deal you’ll find online. From start to finish. If you buy a tallit with custom options (e.g. techelet tzitzit, letter embroidery) you’ll find that our prices are lower on both the tallit itself and the options.

(Shopping tip: When comparing talit prices, be sure you are comparing the same size talit and the same type of fabric. A synthetic tallit should cost 30%-40% less than the same tallit in wool.)

We also allow you to take advantage of Israel very low international shipping rates. Regular Airmail to the U.S. is under $10 and Express Mail is under $20.  All this means your final cost is as inexpensive as possible.

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