Price Guarantee


Because Ben’s Tallit Shop is a family-run business, we’re able to keep prices lower than the competition. We work directly with Israel’s leading tallit makers to ensure we can provide you the best possible value.

If you find a tallit at a lower price, tell us and we’ll try to beat it.

We check our competitors’ prices regularly and make sure our prices are always the lowest you’ll find online. From start to finish.

If you buy a tallit with custom options (e.g. techelet tzitzit, letter embroidery) you’ll find that our prices are lower on both the tallit itself and the options. (Shopping tip: if you compare tallit prices, make sure you are comparing the same size tallit!)

We offer the lowest prices on the following tallit brands – guaranteed!

  • Mishkan Hatchelet
  • Gabrieli
  • Yair Emanuel
  • Galilee Silks
  • Weaving Creation

We also offer very low shipping rates. All this means when you reach the checkout page, you’ll get the most inexpensive tallit possible.

Take a glance at the following links to see how our prices compare.

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