Green Tallit


Green lover? Here’s a fabulous handwoven green tallit set by Gabrieli. For other green tallit options, scroll down ↓↓↓

Green Tallit

Gabrieli Tallit – Green with Gray Bands

Green tallit with gray bands and red and gold highlights.
Handwoven by Gabrieli, one of Israel’s leading handmade tallit makers.

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The weavers at Gabrieli Tallit produce an enormous selection of designs, from wool tallits in traditional colors – white with blue or black stripes – to cotton and silk tallits in bold patterns and colors, including the dramatic emerald tallit set shown above.

Handweaving lends Gabrieli green tallit fabrics a unique texture. Gabrieli green tallit sets are available in various sizes, ranging from 20 x 80 inches to 60 x 80 inches. The 20″ x 80″ size is narrow and is meant to hang down in front, while the 50″ x 80″ and 60″ x 80″ sizes are meant to be worn draped down the back, in accordance with the age-old tradition.

Because of the large range of designs, fabrics and sizes, even if you were to drop by the company’s galleries in Old Jaffa and downtown Jerusalem you won’t find every Gabrieli green tallit available in stock.

So if you have a fixed target date in mind (e.g. a bar mitzvah or a wedding) be sure to place your order at least a few weeks in advance. After all, weaving by hand takes time – even if you’ve been doing it, like Gabrieli Hand Weaving, for over four decades.

Ben’s Tallit Shop is a full-service webstore. If you have a very particular custom green tallit in mind, we can help make it happen. Gabrieli is among the leaders in the use of vibrant base colors, so if you would like a bold green tallit, Gabrieli Hand Weaving is a good place to start. We work with other handweaving tallit makers as well.

Green tallit sets are available in wool, cotton or silk. The wool is made using thick yarns that create a rugged, earthy look. Cotton uses thinner yarns that enable greater detail and result in a slightly thinner fabric. Silk offers enhanced detail work and high sheen.

Typical weaving time is generally 3-5 weeks (depending on the availability of the looms), and we have green tallit sets in certain sizes already woven.

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