Cotton Tzitzit


Though many people are used to the term “cotton tzitzit,” the truth is it’s a bit of a misnomer. Tzitzit strings are not made of cotton, but wool. Usually when someone asks for cotton tzitzit they mean a cotton tzitzit garment with wool tzitzit strings attached.

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Our traditional cotton tzitzit, made in Israel by Mishkan Hatchelet, has a number of features not always found in a cotton tzitzit garment.

Cotton Tzitzit

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» Rubo (width of cloth exceeds head opening)
» Reinforced stitching around neck opening
» Tzitzit holes properly located
» Reinforced stitching around tzitzit holes

Undershirt-Style Tzitzit

Often called NeaTzit or TrimTzit, cotton undershirt tzitzit have been popular for nearly two decades. We offer a simple, straightforward design as well as our Cotton Comfort Tallit Katan, which is open at the sides, except for a patented sideband to help the tallit katan stay in place.

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Tzitzit Tying:

We can tie white tzitzit according to the Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chabad or Yemenite/Rambam customs.
We can tie techelet tzitzit according to the Rambam, Vilna Gaon, Sefer HaChinuch or Arizal.
…or feel free to tie the tzitzit yourself.

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