Jan 192015

We’ve received several requests over the years for our Cotton Comfort and Wool Comfort tallit katan products with Chabad double tzitzit holes, but the truth is that none of the tallit katan manufacturers make an undershirt-type tallit katan tzitzit garment with Chabad holes (or side-by-side Chassidic holes).

There are various levels of adherence to Chabad customs. Strictly speaking, there is only one type of tallit katan for Lubavitch chassidim: wool, round neck, straight hem (no fringes), silk-lined corners and diagonally aligned tzitzit holes. Since some people find it hard to wear wool, there is also a cotton version of the Chabad tallis katan, but again, people who closely adhere to Chabad customs will stick with wool, not cotton.

Also, note that we describe the tzitzit tying as “Arizal/Chabad.” While Chabad holds that there should be two diagonally-aligned holes in the corner, the Arizal does not. Chabad adopted the Arizal’s method of tying tzitzit with chulyot. The holes on the beged and the way the tzitzit are tied are really two separate matter. The concept of two holes is similar to the two horizontally aligned holes you find on tzitzit garments of other Chassidim, who do not tie in accordance with the Arizal, but follow the standard Ashkenazi tying custom.

We aim to provide tallits and tzitzits to Jews of every description, which means we get all sorts of orders: a modern tallit with Yemenite tying, a Yemenite tallit with Ashkenazi tzitzit, etc. We have had at least two customers who repeatedly ordered the Cotton Comfort with Yemenite tzitzit. The Rambam requires a wool tzitzit garment, so it doesn’t make sense for customers to order this, but they do, and we accommodate them.

Recently we had a customer who ordered our handmade tallit katan, asking us to make it super long, because he wanted to follow the tradition of the Gra to have a tallit katan down to the knees. He ordered niputz lishmah tzitzit on it. And he resides in Singapore. Putting these details together is quite incongruous, but we don’t impose my opinion on our customers.


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