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If you decide to buy a tallit on eBay, you might find a good bargain, but it will definitely limit your options. Of course if you want to buy a used tallit, eBay is the way to go.

If you find a very low-priced tallit on eBay, before you buy the tallit be sure to note the fabric. The wholesale price for a synthetic tallit is about half the wholesale price for a wool tallit. So if you see a tallit for $25 and start reaching for your credit card, be aware that you get what you pay for. A wool tallit looks better, lasts longer and is considered preferable according to halacha.

Also, when comparing prices, pay very close attention to sizes. A Size 24 tallit, for instance, has half the fabric of a Size 50 tallit, which makes the difference in price considerable.

A few reasons not to buy a tallit on eBay

When should you not opt to buy a tallit on eBay? One of the main reasons to choose an online tallit shop over eBay is if you have specific options in mind. When buying a tallit on eBay you won’t find tzitzit options, such as handspun tzitzit, thick tzitzit, techelet, Sephardic tying, Chabad tying, etc.

Buy Tallit on eBay

eBay. You get what you pay for.

Similarly, if you want a tallit bag to go with it, you’ll want the full-service options available at a tallit shop. Some people want a name embroidered in Hebrew or English on a tallit bag. You won’t get that if you buy a tallit on eBay. (BTW, letter embroidery should not cost more than $2 per letter.)

Although not every online Judaica is set up to provide a range of services, a good tallit shop will also be able to accommodate special requests, such as sewing on a different atara (neckband) to the tallit of your choice, or even choosing the striping colors on a handmade tallit.

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