Jan 242018

On several occasions customers have asked me about a blue-striped tallit with a nonslip fabric. When I show them the Tashbetz, typically they reply, “Not light blue striping, dark blue striping. Isn’t there a textured tallit with blue stripes?” Nowadays a whole lot of tallit buyers are only interested in nonslip fabrics.

Well, I’ve found it. The Meron Tallit is made by Talitania, marketed under the name Super Hermonit in Hebrew. It features a lightweight box-weave fabric, unique corner designs and a distinguished atara (neckband) with the Tzitzit Blessing. The blue is a rich royal blue, accented with silver pinstripes. And the price is quite reasonable.

Two or three years ago I told Mishkan Hatchelet managers that they should offer a blue-striped nonslip tallit, but they have yet to introduce one to their product line. They did have their Belz tallis, but the blue they use is so dark, that most people think it’s black until you see it in a strong light.