Bar Mitzvah Tallit Sets


When a young man comes of age as a member of the congregation and the Jewish people, one of the external signs of this advancement is the mitzvah of tzitzit, i.e. a bar mitzvah tallit. The Sages said ideally a mitzvah should be performed in a beautiful manner – zeh Eili ve’anveihu. Our aim is to help the young man find a bar mitzvah tallit that feels just right on his shoulders – on his bar mitzvah day and for years to come.

Classic Bar Mitzvah TallitTraditional Bar Mitzvah Tallit

Traditional wool tallits with a wide range of tzitzit options.
We can also provide talllit bags with the bar mitzvah boy’s name
or initials embroidered in Hebrew or English.
Made in the Negev by Mishkan Hatechelet.
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Bar Mitzvah TallitsModern Tallits

Various designs in a range of colors and sizes.
Fabulous bar mitzvah tallit possibilities.
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Gabrieli Handwoven Tallit Sets

Gabrieli Tallit

The weavers at Gabrieli produce a large array of designs, from various styles in wool in traditional colors, to cotton and silk tallits in bold colors and patterns. Gabrieli Hand Weaving was founded in 1964 by Malka Gabrieli, who studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Today the studio boasts 40 workers on 13 looms.  Prices start at $220.
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Weaving Creation Handwoven Tallit Sets

Bar Mitzvah Tallit Sets Woven by Hand

One-of-a-kind custom tallits lovingly woven in cotton by craftsmen
Yosef Gabso and Ori Faran on their looms in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Bar mitzvah tallit sets beyond compare.  Starting at $260
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One-minute bar mitzvah tallit sizing video:

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