Jan 302015

Machine-spun tzitzit stringsWe often receive inquiries about bulk tzitzit strings purchases. Sometimes they are odd requests, making me wonder what the prospective buyer plans to do with them, but typically the purchaser intends to buy tzitzit strings in bulk for a tzitzit-tying project for children or teenagers — summer camp, a synagogue program or a project at a Jewish day school.

Almost invariably they choose machine-spun tzitzit strings, which are quite affordable to begin with, and we also offer bulk discounts. We make buying in bulk very convenient: you simply select the quantity of tzitzit strings you need, and then the discount is applied automatically on the product page, before checkout.

       Buy Machine-Spun Tzitzit – Wholesale Prices>>

We purchase the tzitzit at low wholesale prices, and pass those savings on to our customers.


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