Nov 032014
This week we received at least three inquiries from grooms interested in using a tallit as their chuppah. Here’s one example:
Hi. I am looking for a Tallis to use for a chuppah. I will need to rent the poles. While I have been using my bar mitzvah Tallis since 1973… (It is too small for a chuppah top), what do you recommend? I don’t need a large chuppah as the space is on the smaller side and it will just be us plus rabbi plus chuppah holders. I was thinking of blue striping, or maybe just white and silver. I am 5’11” and I would love to use it afterwards. My wedding is in NYC on 11/30. Thanks, Adam
Usually people Adam’s height would order a size 70 (refer to our Tallit Size Wizard), which is a good size for a chuppah. It measures 60″ x 73″. If only the chassan, the kallah and the rabbi will be standing under the chuppah, that should be roomy enough. To be certain, measure out a 60″ x 75″ rectangle on the floor and do a simulation.
If you need more than a size 70 it limits your selection, because many tallits are only made up to a size 70.
For a detailed guide explaining how to use a tallit as a chuppah, refer to this page.

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