Aug 072014

We get a whole lot of tzitzit questions, but this one was fairly unique.

Hi Ben – I would like to get tzitzit for a musician that I manage who is XL and gets very hot on stage and we need something very cool with Lubavitch knots – is that possible?

The question of how to wear tzitzit without getting overheated is actually very common, and is probably on many people’s minds at this time of year. So I’m pasting my reply in full:

Thank you for your inquiry. The first question is does he wear cotton, or does he insist on wool?
If, for halachic reasons, he insists on wearing wool, then go to this page and look at the Kalit and the Wool Comfort.
If cotton, then we’re up to question two: The traditional type, worn on top of an undershirt and under a shirt, or the undershirt type? The latter is worn directly on the skin in place of an undershirt, thereby cutting the three layers down to two.
You can see all of our cotton options on this page. The basic undershirt type would be either the PerfTzit or the Cotton Comfort, which are basically the same idea with a slightly different design.
Another option you might consider is the Sport Tzitzit, also on the cotton tzitzit page. Note that it has sleeves.
All of these products should have a Chabad tzitzit tying option available. But if he’s very particularly about the diagonal Chabad tzitzit holes, you’ll only find that on traditional wool and cotton tallit katan garments. All of the options discussed here have a single hole on each corner.

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