Jul 152014

The campaign to stop Gaza rockets has now resumed, and in the meantime Lt. Colonel (res.) Rabbi Yedidya Atlas of the IDF Central Command is continuing his campaign to supply IDF soldiers with army issue tzitzit and other religious articles needed by soldiers in the field.

Operation Protective Edge

IDF soldiers with two layers of protection

He told me that he has received repeated requests on the command level, both from units in the south around Gaza and in Judea and Samaria, for the IDF Rabbinate to meet the demand for olive green “dri-fit” tzitzit for all the combat soldiers who request them.

“I’ve been working hard to raise the necessary funding for the religious needs of the combat soldiers stationed on the various fronts for the past months, in particular since it was obvious that something was going to ultimately break and it has,” Rabbi Atlas told me. “I’m raising funds for three key items that I have received repeated requests for on the command level, both from units in the south around Gaza and in Judea and Samaria. The first key item is these special Tzitzit.”

Many combat soldiers refer to the olive green tzitzit as השכפ”ץ האמיתי (“the real bullet-proof vest”). The IDF Rabbinate is churning out supplies as fast as it can, but does not have the significant quantities it will need in the coming weeks as Operation Protective Edge expands. A major call-up of reserve combat troops is anticipated as well. Most combat reservists only have a white tallit katan to bring with them when they report for duty. The white not only compromises unit discipline, but can actually pose a danger since it can be too visible at night, with flashes of white peeking out from under army fatigues.

During operation Pillar of Defense, the IDF handed out over 8,000 tzitzit to soldiers. Normally the IDF distributes simple cotton tzitzit garments that  become saturated with sweat, making them uncomfortable during training and combat, and making soldiers more vulnerable to skin irritation. The “dri-fit” type features an inner layer designed to wick away moisture and odor.

Personally, I recall that while serving as a “Lone Soldier” in the IDF about 15 years ago, I needed a pair of tefillin, and the IDF Rabbinate came through for me.

Tzitzit for IDF soldiers

An IDF unit currently stationed outside the Gaza Strip

Rabbi Atlas is trying to arrange an additional 15,000 pairs of these special tzitzit for combat soldiers, in addition to the quantity already stockpiled for emergency use. The approximate cost per combat company is $1,800. A full battalion is $5,000.

Below are three ways to make a donation to this fund.

1) U.S. checks can be sent to the following address:

American Friends of the IDF Rabbinate
c/o David Schwartz
5 Sutton Road
Monsey, NY 10952

2) Credit card donations can be made via the American Friends of the IDF Rabbinate website.

3) If you make a purchase on our tallit and tzitzit webstore, you can donate by clicking here and adding any number of tzitzit to your shopping cart.

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