Jul 102012

A Jerusalem court ruled that a tefillin travel case made by Art Judaica is an imitation of Tefidanit, a tefillin case made by Tefillin Beit El, and ordered Art to halt sales of the product.

The tefillin cases also have space for a tallit, siddur and other items. They are quite popular among the knitted kippah sector in Israel and among IDF soldiers.

When I was in the army, instead of buying one of these tefillin cases, I simply used a very hard and sturdy square tupperware container that was a perfect fit. Be aware that according to halacha once a container is used for tefillin, it cannot be switched back to regular use.

Tefillin case copyright upheld

Jerusalem District Court Judge Ben-Zion Greenberger said the Tefidanit copyright was valid and ordered Art Judaica to stop selling their tefillin case in six months or face an NIS 50,000 for every violation.

Tefillin case –

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