Jul 222012

A member of the ZAKA team that flew from Israel to Bulgaria following the bombing attack on a bus carrying Israeli tourists found an intact set of tefillin in the wreckage.

Tefillin at scene of bomb attack in Bulgaria

ZAKA photo

According to a report on Arutz Sheva, he was deeply moved when he came across the tefillin. “Reuven lifted [the tefillin] and kissed them… In painful situations like that, when you see unbearable things, to suddenly see something positive, that’s what breaks you,” he said. “It’s something that gives strength in the midst of tremendous pain.”

The delegation of ZAKA volunteers sent from Israel was tasked with identifying the remains of the Israeli victims, recovering the bodies and returning them to Israel for a proper burial. During the course of their work at Burgas Airport in Bulgaria they found a set of tefillin that was undamaged in the blast.

Shortly after midnight the ZAKA team to Bulgaria returned home to Israel with the bodies of the five Israelis killed by a suicide bomber at Burgas Airport.

The ZAKA rescue and recovery volunteers arrived late Thursday night at Ben-Gurion Airport, where a brief ceremony was held.

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