Jun 062012

I just came across a very worthwhile article on tekhelet. It’s a bit old, but not dated. I happen to know both David Horovitz, the editor of the paper, and the writer of the piece, Rabbi Mois Navon, who I consult via email periodically. The article actually discusses the Temple as much as tekhelet tzitzit, but he connects the two mitzvahs with insight.

Just as we have endeavored to make that place for God physically, we must endeavor to make that place by walking in His way. Only then will the time come to build the Temple. The Temple is far more than just a building composed of the right materials in the right location -– it also requires the right time.

And as surely as the Temple is much more than a building, tekhelet is much more than a dyestuff. The word tekhelet is rooted in the word takhlit, purpose. As such, tekhelet is the color of purpose. Tekhelet is the color of the Jewish people in their endeavor to perfect the world –- to make a place for God. Indeed, tekhelet is the color of the Temple.

To read the full article, click here: Terumah: Tekhelet is a color whose time has come

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