Aug 012013

Prospective tallit buyers looking for a white-striped tallit are often a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities. When shopping online, one white-on-white tallit looks pretty much like the next.

A customer thinking of buying the Beit Yosef Hamefoar Tallit sent in a note asking us the following:

Thank you for the quick response!  I know the Beit Yosef Talit and the nonslip white-on-white Tashbetz Tallit are very different, but how do they compare in terms of weight, whiteness, and durability?  Do the tzitzit slide around on either of the two?  Is the Tashbetz Tallit treated for stain resistance and color retention, or just the Beit Yosef?

Although the Beit Yosef Talit is whiter than the Tashbetz, it has a more understated, matte look, whereas the Tashbetz Tallit has a bit of gloss to it, because the striping is satiny. The Beit Yosef will probably retain its whiteness over time better than the Tashbetz.
Tashbetz Tallit


Tashbetz Tallit: Light and supple

The Tashbetz Tallit is lighter and less durable. However, some people would say it’s very comfortable because of the lightness and supple weave. The Tashbetz is designed to be nonslip, but the Beit Yosef also stays in place well because the atara is heavier and sort of acts as an anchor.

The Beit Yosef Talit has stiffened corners to keep the tzitzit from sliding around the corner, whereas the Tashbetz Tallit corners are quite soft, so the tzitzit are more likely to move. We can always get around this by tying the first knot very snug, as the Chazon Ish recommended. But if the wearer is Sephardic, be aware that many Sephardim do not concur, based on a halachic argument, and insist that the first knot be loose enough so that it doesn’t crinkle the fabric.

This is a very advanced halachic issue. Most people, including very frum people, have little understanding of this issue, both in theory and practice. In fact I see a lot of people who tie the first knot very snug, yet the tzitzit are hanging from the bottom instead of the side, which shows me they don’t know have a clue what this is all about.

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