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We often get customers looking for a tallit with a certain weight or thickness. Many are shopping for a lightweight tallit, explaining that they live in Florida or Arizona and don’t want to be sweating away in shul. (I always thought the hotter the climate, the better the air conditioning, but I could be wrong.)

Others want a hefty tallit they can really feel on their shoulders.

I always responded to inquiries by offering my general impression of the thickness or weight of various tallitot, but today I decided to get scientific and jot down the weights.

For comparison we weighed size 60 tallits with an atara and no tzitzit.

Tallit Weights

Tallit Weight
Kalil 468 g
Tashbetz 612 g
Hamefoar 548 g
Hamefoar Prestige 701 g
Prima A.A. 565 g
Traditional Wool 512 g
Chatanim 582 g
Kmo Turkish 658 g
Kmo Turkish Nonslip 698 g
Echt Turkish 831 g
Beit Yosef 557 g
Beit Yosef Nonslip 589 g
Beit Yosef Tashbetz 566 g


Lightweight Tallit

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Jul 022012

We regularly receive inquiries about lightweight tallit options. Some people live in very warm climates or not-so-hot climates, but would like some climate control on their shoulders anyway. Others simply prefer the hang and feel of a lightweight tallit, and opt for one all year round.

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I advise my customers not to fear wool. Many people associate wool with a thick wool sweater that keeps you warm and toasty in winter, but the truth is a light wool fabric worn loosely on the shoulders is about the same as the equivalent in cotton. In fact, desert dwellers (and their camels) are known to use wool, in part to keep cool during the day.

Lightweight Tallit - Tashbetz with blue and silver

The blue-striped version of the Tashbetz Tallit

The Tashbetz is a lightweight tallit that also features a special non-slip box weave. It’s available with the traditional black stripes, in a gray, black and silver striped version, or in a white-on-white version. The gray, black and silver also has the Tzitzit Blessing embroidered on the atara (neckpiece). The Tashbetz Tallit can also be special-ordered in a popular design with light blue and silver striping.

For those who are looking for a lightweight tallit and want to stick with very traditional black-on-white, another option is Hamefoar, a top-end tallis made by Mishkan Hatchelet.

And if you want a lightweight tallit with a modern look, you might like one of the Maalot, Gvanim or Bareket models, all of which are made of lightweight wool.

Lightweight Wool Tallit Katan/Tzitzit

Finally, if you are among those who wear only wool tzitzit, even in the summer, there are two lightweight wool tallit katan options available. The Kalit is a standard wool tallit katan, but made with a slightly lighter weave. It’s available with either black or white striping. And a newer entry is the Wool Comfort, which is shaped just like a cotton undershirt tallit katan, but employs a specially airy, soft, stretchy fabric.

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