Jan 172015

This post is meant to offer some very simple sizing tips for the most common tallit sizes worn by men of average height. If you want a full range of detailed sizing info, go to our Tallit Size Wizard. But if you are a man of medium height, this post might make things easy for you.

In most cases the critical factor in tallit sizing is the height of the tallit (i.e. from the edge that sits on your neck down to the opposite edge parallel to the floor). Sizing is universal. A size 55 tallit is about 50 inches high, a size 60 is about 55 inches high and a size 70 is around 60 inches in height. A size 55 is often considered small, size 60 medium and size 70 large.

I wear a size 60 tallit. It hangs down in back to about mid-thigh on me. That’s a useful yardstick. If you are about five inches taller than me, a size 70 will fit you the same, and if you are about five inches shorter than me a size 55 will fit you the same. If you are in between you can opt to go up or down a size, depending on how you like the tallit to hang. To some people, longer might have a more elegant look, but others prefer the manageability of a more compact size.

If you can’t decide between two sizes, you don’t have to agonize over the decision. Since a tallit is worn loosely a few inches in length either way may be almost unnoticeable.

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