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People often feel a special attachment to their tallit gadol, as indeed they should, since it is a garment used to carry out the mitzvah of tzitzit and to create a personal “space” for prayer. Color is a matter of taste, therefore in many cases it may be the most important factor in shopping for a tallit. Buy tallit gadol now>>>

Tallit Gadol: Color, Fabric, Price

If you are shopping for a bar mitzvah tallit or a wedding tallit, you will of course want to consult your son or groom to be sure the colors suit his tastes, and then start narrowing down the selection based on fabric and price.

As a general rule, a wool tallit gadol has more subdued striping, while vibrant colors and patterns are found on silk or cotton tallits, but there are many exceptions to the rule, such as the Bnei Or Tallit (a.k.a. Joseph’s Coat Tallit), which is usually made of wool.

Tallit Gadol Prices: What to Expect

Tallit Gadol - Prima A.A.

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If you are looking for an affordable wool tallit gadol with traditional black (or blue) striping, the Prima A.A. offers a good solution. Depending on the size, prices vary from $40 to over $100. If you are in the market for a no-compromise tallit for yourself or a chassan or bar mitzva boy, consider the Chatanim, which is made of a superior weave and features excellent finishing work and details.

For those who prefer a traditional tallit gadol with a dash of modern flare, the Gvanim or the Bareket might fit the bill.

Tzitzit: Get it Right

We often forget that the whole raison d’etre of the tallit gadol is the tzitzit. Modern tallits typically come with machine-spun tzitzits, but we are set up to tie hand-spun (or techelet) tzitzit on every tallit we sell. Thin or thick tzitzit is primarily a matter of aesthetics. If you are undecided, keep in mind that in traditional Orthodox congregations, thick tzitzits are more commonly found. Also, if you are tying tzitzit yourself for the first time, thick strings are a bit easier to work with.

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